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What Does a Gas Fitter Do?
what does a gas fitter do

What Does a Gas Fitter Do?

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A gas fitter or gas plumber is responsible for any operation process or work connected to the installation, repair maintenance, replacement, demolition or removal of a gas-run system or appliance. Before hiring gas fitters, it is imperative to note that they are different from plumbers.

For your plumber to double up as a licensed gas fitter, he or she must have additional qualifications in gas fitting. In fact, some gas plumbers specialise in gas fitting tasks alone.

What is a gas fitter and what do they do?

A qualified gas fitter works on gas appliances and gas-run appliances. He or she can be called to install heating systems in a new residential, industrial or commercial building. You can also call them for when you want to have gas appliances installed at your home or office.

When such appliances and gas systems are faulty, you would need to have them fixed as fast as possible for health and safety reasons that could become dangerous if left unattended.

Gas is a health hazard if it is not handled carefully. This is why you should always enlist the services of an expert gas fitter whenever you want some work involving your gas system installation.

Unqualified plumbers sometimes carry out such tasks, although this is not advisable. This is because they endanger themselves, your family and your home. Here is a comprehensive list of the jobs that your gas fitter can complete:

  • Installing gas pipes
  • Install and test gas appliances
  • Read and interpret gas installation plans, drawings, and specifications
  • Installing gas regulating and detection systems
  • Connecting your property to gas lines
  • Measure and mark gas installation points
  • Gas system maintenance
  • Customer education

Find out what a Melbourne gas plumber can do for you when looking out for a qualified gas installer or repairer.

How to choose a gas fitter

Now that you know what a gas fitting expert does, do you know how to choose the best gas fitter for your residential or commercial property? Let us guide you through some tips below:


Your gas fitter should be well trained. As stated earlier, and as you already know, gas is hazardous if it is not handled carefully. You should ensure that the gas fitter is qualified, licensed and insured to fix, repair or maintain your gas system and appliances.

Licensed and Insured

If your gas fitter is licensed, it is proof of his or her credibility. And when they have an insurance cover, you know that if they have an accident when working on your property, the insurance cover will meet their medical bills, and may compensate you for any damages to your property.

Do you sense any gas leaks or smell gas? It’s important to hire a gas plumber to prevent further gas leaks to your home or office.


Since you may get a gas fitting emergency any time, you need to be sure that your gas fitter can be available at such times 24 hours 7 days a week. Split gas pipes and leaking gas cannot wait. Work with gas fitters who are flexible and responsive so that you can rely on them during such emergencies.

Customer Service

How respectful is your gas fitter plumber to you and your property? Settle for a gas fitter who is friendly, professional, and who communicates effectively.


Your gas fitter should charge reasonably. Established gas fitters may charge higher than those who are getting started. As such, consider the quality of services that you will get from them in comparison to their charges. You can also find out the market charges so that you are not overcharged.

Project Size

If you have a small gas fitting or repair job, you can hire an individual gas fitter. However, if you have a big project, such as installing a gas system throughout your home or commercial property, you should consider hiring a company with several gas fitter specialists. This way, your project will be done professionally, and within your schedule.


As a gas fitter, Zabs Plumbing are responsible for planning, installing, maintaining and repairing your gas appliances and systems. When choosing a gas fitter, consider their qualifications, availability and customer service level. Also, their charges, licensing and insurance covers are important.

If you want the services of a professional gas fitter contact us online or get in touch with us today. We will give you high quality services at pocket friendly rates. Our team of gas fitting plumbers are trained, licensed and insured. Do not hesitate to call us on 0448 177 762 for all your gas fitting needs.

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