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Hydronic Heating To Warm Up Your Melbourne Home

Efficient Hydronic Heating Solutions

Zabs Hydronic Heating is your best choice for boilers and quality hydronic heating in Melbourne. We have over 18 years of experience servicing Victorian residents with comfortable warm living and heating solutions by designing, installing and servicing hydronic heating systems. We specialise in slab heating and underfloor heating panels for new builds, existing homes and renovations. We offer premium installation services that cater to affordability and different needs along with maintenance and repairs for all hydronic heating systems.

As experienced hydronic installers, we provide a wide range of options, colours and styles to suit the deco of your home’s interior.


Why Choose Zabs For Underfloor Heating?

Zab Check Up & Repair

Installation & Repairs

All hydronic heating systems supplied by Zabs are installed in-house by our qualified specialists. Each team member has the necessary skill and experience to provide the best install or repair in underfloor heating.

Zab No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Fees

All hydronic heating jobs are delivered with no hidden or nasty surprises. We step through the whole process with you and make sure it’s all transparent when it comes to pricing.

Zab Professional


One of Melbourne’s most experienced hydronic heating companies around. Over 18 years, we have built a reputation for quality installations along with premium customer satisfaction.

Zab Friendly Service

Friendly Service

Zabs Plumbing has a dedicated team of heating specialists for all underfloor heating. Maintaining the highest of standards is our priority along with delivering premium repair and installations for our customers.

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    • What is Hydronic Heating?

      In simple terms, hydronic heating is an efficient home heating system that uses tubing to run hot liquid underneath the floors to radiators throughout the home. This sealed system can also be used to heat up towel rails, swimming pools, floor slabs, and anywhere it is required.

      Hydronic heating for your home is an effective solution for climate control which is used commonly in European homes. Hydronic heaters are natural forms of heating systems that radiant heat throughout your home which is silent and eco-friendly.


    • what is hydronic heating
    • How Does Hydronic Heating Work?

      With water being a great conductor of heat, it is why hydronic heating is so efficient when used throughout a home. In a hydronic system, heat is transferred into a room via thermal radiation.

      Thermal radiation is the process of transferring heat through the air in a form of electromagnetic radiation. In hydronic heating, such heat emitters including mounted radiators, underfloor heating coils and heated towel rails emit radiational heat to warm up a room. While radiant heat is absorbed by objects, it cannot be moved or blown away.

      Is Hydronic Heating Energy Efficient?

      With homeowners becoming more eco-conscious, there is more of a demand for these heating product options with a lower environmental impact. One of the main carbon footprints is home heating in our homes. If you’re looking for a solution that is environmentally friendly, hydronic heating is the perfect choice.

    • how hydronic heating works

    Learn More About Hydronic Heating

    Hydronic heating is less expensive to run than other types of home heating systems on the market today. It’s predicted that hydronic heating systems are 35 percent more cost effective than running a duct heater system inside your home.

    Zabs Hydronic Heating systems provide a range of benefits apart from them being silent, reliable and safe. By installing hydronic heating in your Melbourne home, enables you to heat up your home more efficiently. More benefits listed below:

    Safe: All radiation panels used in the hydronic heating systems are safe to touch. They are heated to a moderate temperature which will not burn or harm your skin.

    Quiet: One of the best features of these heating systems is that they’re soundless. There’s no sound at all emitting from these products. Hydronic heating systems work quietly to warm up your home and leave you at peace with the comfort you deserve.

    No dust: A letdown to ducted heating systems is their ability to produce dust and allergens in the air. Since hydronic heating systems work naturally with no forced air circulation, there’s a minimal amount of dust and allergens produced in the air.

    A hydronic heating system provides added comfort to your home along with savings in your heating bills, and reducing environmental impact. Using hydronic heating is by far the most efficient heating system going around today.