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Always Call a Licensed Gas Plumber

Zabs are your reliable plumbers offering a range of gas fitting services at your point of call. Our gas plumbers Melbourne have relied on for years are here to service your home or office to achieve the best results.

Our range of gas fitting services include:

  • Gas appliance installation
  • LPG / Natural Gas System conversion
  • Gas leak detection
  • Gas meter maintenance
  • Gas hot water service installation
  • Gas hot water service repairs
  • Gas inspection and testing
  • Carbon monoxide testing

If you’re suspecting gas leaks inside your home, make sure to quickly call a licensed gas plumber today.

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    • Gas Hot Water Service

      Gas is the preferred source of energy for hot water heating in Melbourne. With a range of hot water heating solutions and expert advice from our gasfitters, we will provide the right economical and environmental option for your home or office.

      Gas hot water heaters are available in continuous flow and hybrid models such as gas solar heating systems. The continuous flow hot water heaters are the most popular options in Melbourne homes, with the option of providing endless hot water and controlled hot water delivery via specific control units.

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    • Gas Fitter Installation

      If you haven’t serviced your gas appliances for a while, talk to us about gas maintenance and inspections. Gas fitting, pipes and seals wear out over time and leave you vulnerable to gas leaks. Don’t become a victim of a dangerous or costly gas leak. Get your gas appliances frequently tested as a safety precaution.

      If your home smells like gas, turn off the gas meter and open all your windows to ventilate the house. Call an emergency gas plumber immediately to prevent explosions or fires.

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    • Did you know?

      Natural gas is an efficient, colourless and odourless form of gas. The smell of Natural Gas is made up of a harmless chemical call Mercaptan which is added by gas providers to provide its distinctive odour. This makes it easier to detect any gas leaks around your home or office. Most people describe the smell as rotten eggs or hydrogen sulphide like odour. If you smell natural gas, call a licensed gas plumber.

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    • For peace of mind

      Zabs plumbers are committed to providing great products and incredible service at a price and timescale which suits you, safety remains our number one priority. Dealing with a gas heating system, performing plumbing repairs and installation work, and conducting other tasks relating to mains gas requires skill, expertise, diligence and care.

      All of our team members are qualified and registered to conduct these services. The close relationships formed with clients during the planning and installation process enable us to guarantee attention to detail and safety on every job we handle.

      With the latest and safest equipment available to our expert plumbers we are here to resolve all your gas fitting issues. Call your local gas plumbing company in Melbourne today on 0448 177 762 or request a quote today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A qualified gas fitter is experienced in the service, repairs and replacement of all gas fixtures, natural gas appliances and gas installation. They are also licensed to carry out installing regulators, gas burners, meters and valves. Contact our gas plumbers for all residential and commercial related services.