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Hot Water Service & Repairs

Hot Water Installation & Repairs

At Zabs we have extensive experience in hot water service repairs and installation across Melbourne and surrounding areas. We offer repairs and replacement systems working with leading industry brands including Rheem, Vulcan, Aquamax, Rinnai and Bosch.

If you live in Melbourne, and you’re looking to replace or repair your hot water heating system, it’s important to consider a hot water plumber who is qualified and understands the latest government rebates on offer. 

We are all so reliant on hot water heating systems and we understand how disruptive it can be to your day when your hot water is not working. With over 15 years of experience as Melbourne’s hot water technician, we can help you choose the best electrical hot water, gas heating or solar hot water systems to use for your next install or replacement.

Our reliable, licensed and professional plumbers at Zabs Plumbing can help with:

  • Repair and service on all make and models of hot water systems
  • Supply and install on all types of hot water systems – this includes gas, solar, heat pumps and electric hot water heater units
  • Install and maintain hot water for commercial and residential units
  • We provide 24/7 for all hot water emergency services in rapid time

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    • Hot Water Heater Servicing

      With all high use appliances, hot water heaters require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that the unit is operating to its most economical standard and reduces the likelihood of an emergency breakdown and urgent repair. The most common problems with hot water failure include poor water pressure, leaks from the hot water system, fluctuating temperatures, or no hot water at all. We provide a variety of hot water services to suit your needs either at home or at your workplace.

      Hot Water Inspections & Reports

      Our hot water specialists can provide a hot water system inspection and can advise on the best solution when it comes to the most efficient hot water system for your home. Need more information?

      Get in touch with one of our certified hot water plumbers today on 0448 177 762.

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    • Hot Water Maintenance

      Water heating systems needs to be maintained regularly to prevent any costly repairs in future or further damage. Just like any other plumbing unit or appliance in a Melbourne home, a regular hot water maintenance is a must to increase the longevity of a system or appliance used. Failure to maintain your unit can result in:

      • Hot water heater leaking from the top anode
      • Water heater leaking from relief valve
      • Hot water heater leaking from the bottom seam
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    • Type of Hot Water Problems

      There are several types of hot water problems that can occur with your water heater at home. Some common issues include water leaks, no hot water, low hot water pressure, inconsistent water temperatures or pilot light not igniting. Regular hot water maintenance and repairs can help ensure you have heating and correct water pressure throughout your plumbing system. To prevent damage or further breakdowns, our plumbers can perform maintenance tasks to limit the risks, which may include:

      • Cleaning the pilot burner
      • Test the hot water temperature and pressure
      • Advise of any part replacements
      • Replace any gas controller or parts necessary to improve functionality
      • Adjust gas pressure if required