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There’s nothing cosier than a gas heater warming up your home. If you want to experience this, you came to the right place. Zabs Plumbing is the premier gas heater service provider in Melbourne, and we can’t wait to apply our skills, experience and expertise to your project.

Read on to discover more about what we can achieve and to understand the solutions we can connect you with.

Perhaps you have a gas water heater already installed at your Melbourne property but you need a replacement or an upgrade. Maybe you don’t have gas heating currently and are interested in having one installed. Or, it could be that you have a gas heater in mind and wanted to experience the benefits of Zabs service for yourself.

Whatever your motivation, Zabs Plumbing can connect you with the best new water heaters in Melbourne, helping you to select the ideal system for your project. With the unit and system chosen, we can handle the installation work, visiting your Melbourne property and discussing what needs to be done.

We will even bring the brand new gas heater to your door, ready for the installation work to begin.

How Does a Gas Heater Work?

Gas heater systems operate by passing cold air over the heat exchanger, the air is then warmed up through the gas combustion which is then distributed and pushed out throughout the home either through ducts, vents on the floor or in the ceiling.

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    • What is a Gas Heater?

      Gas heating systems can either be coming from your roof or be supplied by under floor heating in your home. As part of the name suggests, it uses gas to produce the heat which is then distributed throughout your home in the mentioned methods.

    • gas heater service and repairs
    • Gas Heater Repair

      Not all gas heaters need a total overhaul or replacement job. Some simply require a tune-up or refresh. If you need gas heating repairs at your Melbourne property, the Zabs Plumbing team can offer this to you.

      We will visit your home and offer a speedy diagnosis before carrying out the work in a manner that far surpasses your expectations. What’s more, our processes and procedures are designed with safety in mind, giving you – the customer – the peace of mind that comes from knowing the job is being taken care of responsibly.

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    • Gas Heater Installation

      Safety, a warm and kind service, free quotations and survey, unparalleled workmanship and repair skill; these are just a few of the benefits which come from enlisting the Zabs Plumbing team for your gas heater repair project.

      We have spent over ten years at the top of the plumbing market in the Melbourne area. During this time, we have developed a strong reputation for excellence and for providing a service which can be relied on time after time.

      Need gas heater installation in Melbourne or do you require repair work? Whatever you need, get in touch with our team today and receive your free consultation and quote.

    • gas heater service and installation