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Leak Detection Melbourne

Local Water Leak Detection Services

As an operated business for over 18 years, we’ve come across many leak detection Melbourne problems around a home or office. If you sense your property has a leak, whether it be water, gas or sewer, ensure that you make a call to a team of experienced plumbers who can detect the problem without further disruption to your property.

Being Melbourne’s leading company of water leak detection services you can trust us as your first point of call. We provide high-quality workmanship when it comes to detecting leaks and enlisting non-invasive detection methods.

Reliable Workmanship with Guaranteed Results

Our leak specialists with leading industry experience are the ones to count on when you suspect a potential leak in your drainage system. Residents often count on us as ‘leak detectors’ rather than the average plumbers because we’re able to successfully determine the fault or location of any leak within a property.


How can our leak detection help you?

Zab Check Up & Repair

Check Up & Repair

We find where your leak is located and fix it on the spot. Having the latest leak detection equipment, we will have the leaking problem repaired right away.

Zab No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

Before any leak detection work starts, we gain full approval from you so that we’re both on the same page regarding the solution.

Zab Professional

Certified Professionals

A family owned and operated business for over 18 years located in Melbourne.

You will receive professional service from a team of professional plumbers that will take care of your water pipes and your drain system.

Zab Friendly Service

Fast Friendly Service

We offer same day emergency water leak detection that cannot wait any longer.

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    • Do you suspect a leak? Call our Melbourne Leak Detectors

      For all non-invasive leak detection services in Melbourne call our team for accurate results in detecting any kind of foundation leaks. Having over a decade of experience dealing with underground water leaks, you can rest assured that we have the most advanced equipment and techniques to find and repair any leak.

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    Learn More About Leak Detections

    Plumbers have the expertise and equipment technology to detect any plumbing leak located inside your home. If you suspect that there is excess water loss from your drainage pipes, call an expert plumbing company straight away for them to pick up the leak and fix it.

    Leak detection assists homeowners with pinpointing all types of water leaks inside your home no matter the size or how they are hidden. Our leak detection methods have proven to discover leaks within the hour of getting to the job.