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Reliable Blocked Drain Plumbers

Zabs has been clearing Blocked Drains Melbourne suburbs for over 18 years. At Zabs Plumbing, we specialise in a range of blocked drain services. Our drain experts are equipped with electric drain cleaners, high-pressure hydro jet machines and CCTV drain cameras to tackle any drain cleaning and clearing FAST.

From blocked toilets to clogged drains and repairs., we’ll take care of your drain camera inspection to ensure we get to the root cause of your drain problems. This ensures we can fix it right away without any time-wasting.

Are your drains gurgling, slow to drain, clogging up, or smelly?

The feeling of blocked drains at your Melbourne home or office can be frustrating and an inconvenience. We understand how urgent it is to attend to blocked drains that’s why we provide same day emergency call outs. Not only do we unblock on-site property drains but also drain clean along the entire main drainage system. This will ensure your piping system is running efficiently and effectively.

Why Zabs are the right drain plumbers for you

Zab Check Up & Repair

Check Up

Looking over your drainage system with our CCTV camera technology ensures we have the problem picked up right away.

Zab No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

We ensure you understand the cost of fixing your drains before we any work begins. Your drain plumber will advise of any additional costs.

Zab Professional

Professional & Qualified

Being a professional plumbing company, your plumber will arrive with a fully fitted van specifically to fix your blocked drains right then and there.

Zab Friendly Service

Customer Service

Having a drain blocked can be a real emergency. We respond to customers fast to all emergency drain work across Melbourne.

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    • Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

      Hydrojet Drain Cleaning uses high pressure water to cut through any internal stubborn blockages including tree roots in both sewer and stormwater drains whilst thoroughly cleaning out the pipe. The Hydrojet drain cleaning machine not only makes it easier to clean out drains but also delivers better results.

      No job is too difficult, Zabs Plumbing have experienced blocked drain professionals who can Hydrojet all pipe types and sizes such as bathroom drains throughout property street mains.

    • hydrojet drain cleaning
    • Blocked Stormwater Drain

      One of the most common drain problems occurring in Melbourne is blocked stormwater drains, especially during the autumn and winter seasons. The causes of this blockage can occur from a range of instances, from built up leaves and other plant debris mixed with dirt and other sediments to old pipes or storm damage. No matter the cause, a blocked stormwater drain can be a serious issue and can create further significant property damage if not attended to right away. When you’re experiencing a stormwater drain in any emergency, Zabs should be your first point of contact.

    • blocked stormwater drain
    • Get Your Drain Fix With Us

      When it comes to the severity of a drain problem, given the location and circumstances, the best method of repair would be to undergo an excavate and replace process.

      Drain replacement consists of digging out and removing the damaged section of the drain and replacing this with new PVC pipe. This involves excavating the area such as cutting out sections of concrete, excavating soil grounds, or raising pavers, which is all replaced and made good upon any job completion.

    • drain replacement for repair
    • Unclog Blocked Sewer Drains

      One of the most common types of emergency plumbing problems in Melbourne is a blocked sewer drain in most homes or commercial properties. If you notice an odd smell coming from your bathroom, or have noticed that your sewage water is coming up through your drain pipes, then it’s best you call a blocked drain specialist to clear the problem and prevent any further damage to your drain system.

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    • Tree Roots Causes Blockage

      Tree roots intrusion is the most common cause of blocked drains. The roots normally enter drains through any cracks and restrict water flow, in turn causing a blockage after time. Over time, having a large amount of tree root intrusion can cause a break in the sewer lines or stormwater drains where they would eventually wrap around the drain and restrict the drain until they cause a blockage.

      It’s recommended to have regular maintenance of tree roots entering your drains to ensure continuous flow. If you’re experiencing tree roots infesting your drains, call us today for a quote to clear your blocked drain or for a permanent drain fix.

    • blocked drain specialist
    • Hire Expert Blocked Drain Plumbers Today

      Ever wondered what happens once you pull the sink plug or flush your toilet?

      All outlets that collect water including shower drains and sinks are all interconnected drains that complete your drainage system.

      At Zabs Plumbing, we’re your local Melbourne blocked drains plumbers. We have the knowledge and equipment required to fix any drain blockage in Melbourne. Get in touch with the experts and contact us or call 0448 177 762.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Slow water drainage in basic
    • Toilet slow to drain
    • Strong odour or smell coming from drain pipes

    If you can smell a foul odour coming from your drains, the below is most likely the cause:

    • Build up of fat deposits, oils, grease, hair, food scraps, soap etc in the drain pipe which can cause drains to clog and stop them from flowing.
    • If you haven’t used your sink or shower in a while, then the water in the trap beneath the sink can dry up, which will carry smells up to the sink drain.

    Having a blocked drain can be really frustrating and a great inconvenience at times. Before you stress out and make a call to your plumber, try these 5 ways to unclog your blocked drain and see how you go. If you’re still unsure of what to do call us right away.

    Once the cause of the drain blockage has been found, the plumber can unblock the drain using appropriate tools. This may include a drain snake or more often a powerful hydro-jet cleaner that uses water at high pressure to unblock drains.

    • Cracked drain pipes
    • Tree root intrusion
    • Misaligned drains
    • Sanitary napkins
    • Fat deposits and grease
    • Excessive use of paper

    Although drain cleaners can also work, drain plumbers will only recommend commercial drain cleaners as your last resort as they only work on specific blocked drains, not all types. If you’ve got a minor blockage, a mix of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water will be a good choice. Being environmentally friendly as well!

    A home pressure cleaner can somewhat assist with unblocking a clogged drain. Additionally, plumbers equip themselves with drain cleaning equipment to really tackle the job first hand. For more information about high-pressure drain cleaning and how we can unblock your drains give us a call today.

    It is best to contact a drain plumber for all your blocked drain problems. Hire a drain expert who will have the right tools and equipment to see the cause of any blockage and be able to clear the blocked drain right away.