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5 DIY Tips To Unclog Your Blocked Drains

5 DIY Tips To Unclog Your Blocked Drains

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Handling a blocked drain can be a real headache. Before you stress out and call a drainage plumber like Zabs Plumbing, there are a few easy methods you can try at home to get the job done. All these DIY tips to unclog your drains are quick, cheap, and pretty safe to do. Check out the list below:

Baking Soda

This common household item has dozens of uses. From cleaning teeth to removing orders, and getting out tough stains, this stuff does it all. You can also use baking soda to help get rid of a clogged drain. Toss some dry baking soda directly into the drain and flush it through with warm water. For an extra kick, you can add vinegar to the mix.

It is a good idea to regularly mix baking soda into your drain if you are often having issues with blockages. The best way to keep the pipes clear is to be proactive and apply routine maintenance. Baking soda is a great and cheap way to do this regularly and save you the pain of dealing with a clog

Coat Hanger

Sometimes you just need to brute force the situation. Bending a coat hanger into a straight wire can help you reach down into the deepest parts of the drain. Just like pulling out the clog by hand, the wire will grab any hair or gunk that is stuck. Super simple, but actually quite effective in most cases.

Dish Washing Detergent

This is a good choice if you think the culprit is grease. Pour some dishwashing detergent into the drain and add some warm water. Usually, about a quarter cup of detergent will do the trick. This trick works well on most blocked drains, but you should get a plunger involved after adding the detergent and warm water.

Check the U-Pipe

Sometimes you’ll be really close to getting past that clogged drain, but can’t quite get it. If it’s not too much of a hassle, trying removing the U-pipe. It is very common for whatever is getting stuck to end up right here.

Just make sure you have something there to catch whatever mess is about to come out once you take off the pipe. After that all you need to do is grab some gloves and pull out the junk inside.


You can find special chemicals at your local store designed to unclog drains. The success rate of these kinds of products tends to be hit or miss. Although, it is probably still worth giving it a try because when they do work, you’ll be saved quite the hassle and additional fixing costs.

In Conclusion

Sometimes you can get the job done with this easy DIY unblock drain tricks. When that doesn’t work, you should consider a professional drain plumber like Zabs Plumbing to help out.

There are some things you should try to avoid when dealing with blocked drains or attempting to fix drains. A common trick people use is boiling water. This actually can cause fat and soap to just get stuck further done! Also, harsh chemical products and drain snakes can really damage your pipes if not used correctly.

Trying to DIY a blocked drain can be a risky business. Make sure to contact us if you’re not sure what to do, and want to guarantee the best fix to your drain problems.

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