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What a Gas Plumber in Melbourne can do for you
what gas plumber can do

What a Gas Plumber in Melbourne can do for you

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Hiring a gas plumber has many benefits, including reduced home power bills and an improved lifestyle. Living with gas is incredible, especially in a city like Melbourne that has ever-changing weather.

Use a Licensed Gas Fitter

A licensed gas plumber can improve the heating of your home, and help you start cooking with gas in the kitchen. The difference to your life will be dramatic. Also, you will be pleased to have gas professionals supporting you with the best knowledge, experience and advice.

Zabs Plumbing are plumbers, working across Melbourne. We provide to both residential and commercial customers, and offer services in installation, repair and maintenance.

Reduced home power bills

Many people choose gas for their home, because it costs less than electricity. As electricity bills continue to soar, gas is a smart choice, and an investment for the future. A gas plumber can help you develop a strategy for energy-efficient and cost-effective living.

Melbourne winters are famously wet and cold, and there is nothing more cosy than coming home to gas heating. Your family will feel confident to turn on the heater, without the fear of racking up an expensive electricity bill.


If you decide to install a gas heater or gas appliance, you will need to partner with a gas plumber. Zabs plumbing in Melbourne, can install your new appliance, so you can enjoy the benefits of living with gas. Our gas plumbers will ensure your appliance has been set up safely and professionally.

Regular maintenance

Gas systems and appliances require regular maintenance, to ensure they are working correctly and uphold maximum levels of safety. Knowing what a gas fitter can do in your local area, who can provide you with a regular maintenance schedule, is important.

Maintenance does not need to be expensive, and routine checks can save you money long-term. Developing a trusting relationship with one gas plumbing service is a great way to save money. Your maintenance will be on time, and you won’t need to keep shopping around for a gas fitter.

24/7 emergency repairs

Another good reason to partner with a local plumber, is peace of mind in emergencies. Zabs Plumbing provide 24/7 emergency repairs to gas systems and appliances. We can help you in Melbourne, at any time of the day or night – even on public holidays when nobody else is working.

Emergencies may be rare, but they do happen. Zabs Plumbing are ready to help you during a gas emergency. We work hard to achieve quick results and minimise downtime. This is especially important to our commercial customers who rely on gas to run their business.

We can detect and repair gas leaks and replace damaged gas pipes. We can inspect your gas system and provide honest advice. Gas can be flammable and dangerous. If you are smelling gas in your home or workplace, call us immediately. There is no need to wait until standard business hours.

Superior levels of safety

Working with gas can be tricky. While many people complete DIY jobs around their home, anything to do with gas needs to be completed by a professional. A gas plumber has everything required to get the job done safely and affordably.

Did you know it is actually illegal to work with gas in Melbourne, if you don’t hold a licence? When you choose to hire a gas plumber, check that they are licensed, qualified, and fully insured. Another consideration, should be experience.

Experience and quality workmanship

Our team at Zabs Plumbing are experienced, take pride in their workmanship, and are passionate about excellent customer service. We enjoy what we do, including satisfying our customers. We know how wonderful it is to live with gas, and we want our customers to experience that too.

Talk to your local gas plumber in Melbourne

Professional and trustworthy tradesmen are not far away. Zabs Plumbing are gas plumbers in Melbourne, and are ready to chat about your plumbing requirements.

Whether you are looking for a new installation, repairs, expert advice, and or routine maintenance – Zabs Plumbing are here to help. Call us now on 0448 177 762.

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