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Hire Gas Plumbers to Prevent Gas Leaks
gas fitters prevent gas leaks

Hire Gas Plumbers to Prevent Gas Leaks

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Why Hire Gas Plumbers Helps Prevent Gas Leaks

Just like you wouldn’t trust anyone other than a dentist to look after your teeth, you shouldn’t let anyone other than a fully-qualified gas plumber install and repair your gas systems.

The dangers of using gas supplies which aren’t properly fitted or serviced are well-documented. Inadequately-maintained gas systems, and the failure of many non-qualified plumbers to recognise the presence of carbon monoxide, are leading causes of gas-related deaths in Australia.

Using only trained and certified gas fitter is the most effective way to protect both you and your family from gas leaks. At Zabs Plumbing, our experienced professionals have you covered.

What Plumber Gas Fitters Do

Gas plumbers or gas fitters are qualified to install, repair, service, and replace gas systems throughout your home or office. This involves installing meters, valves, burners, and regulators. A licensed gas fitter can also test systems safely and detect and repair leaks.

Gas Plumbing Is Not the Same as Regular Plumbing

There’s a common misconception that all plumbers can handle any plumbing and gas type of work, including those involving gas lines. What this doesn’t account for is how delicate and technical gas line supplies are, and how crucial it is to adopt government installation and repair protocols. It’s vital to understand what a gas fitter does and how they can prevent gas problems from occurring around your home or office.

The Australian Government carefully regulates who may qualify as a gas plumber—and you should never rely on a non-qualified tradesperson to undertake such sensitive and skilled work.

At Zabs Plumbing, our plumbers are trained in all aspects of gas supply and fitting. Let’s break down how our team can help you prevent gas leaks in your home or commercial space.

Identifying and Repairing Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can be very serious and should never be ignored. If gas escapes from apparatus such as a pipe or a cylinder and spreads to areas it shouldn’t be, there’s a risk of fire, gas poisoning, and severe injury. An emergency gas plumber like Zabs is required to respond calmly and professionally to all gas leaks and incidents, and we aim to remedy all problems as swiftly as possible.

Testing and Maintenance

You can’t always smell gas, which is what makes it so dangerous. Carbon monoxide is odourless and hard to detect without specialised equipment and professionals who know exactly what they’re looking for.

Trained gas plumbers can secure any gas environment and conduct all appropriate tests on the system. They can maintain and service your gas plumbing so you can use your utilities with confidence.

Not sure how to identify gas poisoning? Some symptoms may include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Weakness
  • Difficulty breathing

If you suspect you’ve been exposed to carbon monoxide, leave your home or office immediately and a gas fitter right away.

Use a Qualified Gas Fitter

Just as gas plumbers have the tools and equipment to inspect your gas system and detect leaks, they are qualified to safely and effectively fit gas plumbing to the highest Australian building standards. Our plumbers can detect the smallest of misalignments and connection problems, and we check all of our systems before signing off on the work as complete.

Gas Installation

Whether it’s your kitchen stove or your BBQ, only gas plumbers are qualified to install the relevant supply systems you need. What’s more, we can convert your electric supplies, such as electric cookers, to gas—something which less qualified plumbers cannot do.

What You Can Expect from Zabs Plumbing

Being one of Melbourne’s leading highest-regarded gas plumbing teams we have a drive to serve customers with a reliable and affordable service. We precisely follow the most up-to-date and relevant building standards, and we’re fully insured to complete any residential or commercial gas plumbing job.

Remember, DIY gas work is illegal in Australia—you need the help of licensed professionals. With over 10 years’ experience, no gas job is too complex for us, or too small. Get in touch today to speak with our fitters or obtain a quote.

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