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Is Your Stormwater Drain Blocked?
is your stormwater drain blocked

Is Your Stormwater Drain Blocked?

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A blocked stormwater drain can lead to huge issues when it comes to your plumbing. In fact, it could quite literally leave you in deep water. If the drain is blocked, it means when it rains, the water has nowhere to go. This turns your yard into a swimming pool in the process and can even cause damage to the structure of your home. It can turn into a serious problem very quickly, which is why you need to be aware of the signs to catch it early. Of course, you want to get on top of the problem before your home is at risk. Here are some signs your stormwater drain might be blocked and what you can do to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Signs Your Stormwater Drain Is Blocked

Nothing quite says wet season like a blocked stormwater drain. If you have a blocked stormwater drain, it will most likely be noticeable during rain or a storm. Gutters, down pipes and stormwater pits all work together to collect the water and drain it. If this isn’t happening, then you have a problem. A clogged stormwater drain can cause water to flood into your home, ruining floors, ceilings and causing water damage. The most common way your drain will get blocked is through natural causes such as leaves, dirt debris and tree roots. The sole purpose of a stormwater drain is to offer a system to get rainwater back into the waterways without causing flooding in your home. A blocked system can cause big issues if left for a period of time.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your stormwater drain is blocked:

  • Water pouring off the gutters during heavy rain: ideally, water should be flowing through the gutters and down into the drains. If it is starting to flow off the gutters, it suggests there is a blockage up there that needs to be fixed. This can be done by grabbing a ladder and clearing out all debris from your gutters to ensure a clear path down.
  • Gutters are backed up: likewise, if your gutters appear to be overflowing, it suggests there is a full blockage in the way preventing the stormwater from making its way through. This can also be fixed by getting up there and clearing out the gutters by hand.
  • Does stormwater drain slowly: if you have noticed that after heavy rain the water takes a little longer to disappear from your property (especially in comparison to your neighbour’s property), then it might be time to take a look at your drains to see if there is a reason for it.
  • Pungent smell: a blocked drain traps the water and stops it from flowing through. This can attract all sorts of native animals and cause quite a smell in the process.

How To Prevent It

The best way to prevent a blocked stormwater drain is to ensure your garden is well maintained. Your gutters need to be cleared out on a regular basis, so all leaves, sticks, dirt and debris don’t accumulate and find their way into your drain. Here are some other ideas to help you out:

  • Check your down pipes every month or so to check if any foreign objects or debris has made its way down and is causing an issue.
  • Try use a hose to flush out any materials that shouldn’t be there. The pressure could be enough to help get things moving along again.
  • Consider installing gutter guards which can prevent a build up from occurring and keep your drains flowing. They also save you time from cleaning out your gutters as often.

If you are already noticing signs that your stormwater drain isn’t working properly, then it is time to call the team at Zabs Plumbing. We can come and diagnose the problem right away, before clearing your drains and protecting your property. We can use high pressure to remove any sticks and debris that might be in the way, and have the right drain inspection equipment to get the job done quickly and smoothly. Remember, the key is to get on top of the problem before it becomes a much bigger one.

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