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Zabs are Melbourne Blocked Drain Specialists

Zabs has been clearing Melbourne Blocked Drains for over 15 years. We have successfully cleared over 100 blocked drains for our existing customers. Our specialist drain specialists are equipped with electric drain cleaners, high pressure hydro jet machines and drain cameras to tackle any problem FAST.

As part of our service, we’ll inspect your drain pipes with our drain camera technology to ensure we get to the root cause of your drain problems. This ensures we can fix it right away without any time-wasting.

Are your drains gurgling, slow to drain, clogging up, or smelly? We have the equipment and expertise to fix your problem today.

The feeling of blocked drains at your Melbourne home or office can be frustrating and an inconvenience. At Zabs Plumbing we understand the urgent need to attend to blocked drains and can respond instantly to all emergency situations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Being maintenance plumbers we not only unblock on-site property drains but also clean along the entire main drain to ensure your piping system is running efficiently and effectively.


Ever wondered what happens once you pull the sink plug or flush your toilet?
All outlets that collect water including shower drain, sinks, toilets, and basins are all connected to the drainage system in your house or office building through interconnected drains.

Common problems or causes of blocked drains are cracked drain pipes, tree root intrusion, misaligned drains, sanitary napkins, fat deposits, excessive use of paper and grease in the drains.

  • Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

    Hydrojet Drain Cleaning uses high pressure water to cut through any internal stubborn blockages including tree roots in both sewer and stormwater drains whilst thoroughly cleaning out the pipe. The Hydrojet drain cleaning machine not only makes it easier to clean out drains but also delivers better results. No job is too difficult, Zabs Plumbing have experienced blocked drain professionals who can Hydrojet all pipe types and sizes such as bathroom drains throughout property street mains.

  • hydrojet drain cleaning
  • Excavation & Replace

    When it comes to the severity of a drain problem, given the location and circumstances, the best method of repair would be to undergo an excavate and replace process.

    Drain replacement consists of digging out and removing the damaged section of the drain and replacing this with new PVC pipe. This involves excavating the area such as cutting out sections of concrete, excavating soil grounds, or raising pavers, which is all replaced and made good upon any job completion.

  • drain replacement for repair
  • Melbourne Blocked Drains – Tree Roots

    Tree roots intrusion are the most common causes of blocked drains. The roots normally enter drains through any cracks and restrict water flow, in turn causing a blockage after time. Over time, having a large amount of tree root intrusion can cause a break in the sewer lines or stormwater drains where they would eventually wrap around the drain and restrict the drain until they cause a blockage.

    It’s recommended to have regular maintenance of tree roots entering your drains to ensure continuous flow. If you’re experiencing tree roots infesting your drains, call us today for a quote to clear your blocked drain or for a permanent drain fix.

  • drain tree root intrusion

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