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Drain Inspection

Drain Inspection & CCTV Camera Technology Melbourne

Professional drain inspections are conducted by licensed plumbers, to gain detailed information about the state of a drain. The knowledge gained from these inspections is highly accurate. An inspection reduces guesswork, and allows the plumber to repair the drain quickly and effectively.

Zabs Plumbing are skilled and experienced with all types of drain inspections. Whether you think you have a blocked drain, a clogged toilet, or some other kind of drainage problem, we can give you answers after conducting a professional inspection.

The latest plumbing technology

We believe in using technology to provide the best plumbing solutions. Our equipment features CCTV drain camera technology, to inspect drains of all shapes and sizes. Before this technology was available to us, plumbers needed to guess what was wrong with a drain. They even may have needed to dig holes and knock through walls – just to investigate the problem!

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    • What can a drain inspection tell me?

      The drain inspections provided by Zabs Plumbing can tell you two things – if any blockages exist, and if there are areas of deterioration. Our CCTV drain inspection cameras can identify blocked drains, cracked and broken pipes, squashed and deteriorating pipes, and damage from tree roots. We can learn a lot about the condition of pipes that are wearing out from age.

      Our cameras can determine if there is damage or blockages, and the exact extent of the problem. This information is valuable, as it helps our plumbers fast-track the problem solving process. Drain inspections also ensure we remove the blockage, and or repair the drain using the best approach.

    • Save Time And Save Money

      Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you will want to fix your plumbing problems quickly and cost-effectively. Nobody wants blocked drains, overflowing toilets, or water damage to walls and carpets.

      If drain repair problems are left unattended, the results can be devastating. Your family could be living in unhygienic conditions or you may need to temporarily close your business. The repair bill for your property could be much higher, than if you fixed the drain earlier.

      Calling drain inspection specialists in Melbourne like Zabs Plumbing, can be an easy and affordable solution. A professional inspection will get your life and business back on track, so you can relax and forget about your plumbing problems.