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How To Detect Gas Leak Inside Your Home
how to detect gas leak at home

How To Detect Gas Leak Inside Your Home

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It is essential you are able to detect whether a gas pipe is leaking underground, to ensure your home and family are safe. Should you suspect an underground gas pipe is leaking, you should contact a gas plumber like Zabs Plumbing as soon as possible, so the leak can be confirmed and solved quickly. Below are the top ways to detect a gas pipe leaking underground.

1. Can you smell gas?

Gas companies are required to add an odour to gas, Ethyl Mercaptan, in order to help people detect a gas leak in their homes. If you begin to notice the smell of rotting eggs or garbage in your home, you may have a gas leak. If you notice an unusual scent around your gas appliances, you should switch them off immediately and contact a gas plumber specialist to come right away.

2. Any strange sounds coming from gas pipes?

Stand as still as possible in your home and listen for any hissing or whistling noises. When gas escapes an underground pipe it can make a hissing noise as it escapes, so if you hear such a noise in your home it may be a sign a gas pipe has ruptured.

3. Dead plants

Natural gas can cause plants to discolour, wilt and droop. If you take great care of your houseplants but begin to notice they are dying or discolouring, it may be due to a leak in your underground pipes.

4. Are you experiencing higher gas bills

If you notice a spike in your gas bills, and your gas usage habits have not changed, it may be because a leak is present in your gas pipes. Some gas leaks are so small they do not create any noise and do not have a strong smell, but they will raise your gas bill as excess gas is being released into your home.

5. Gas leak detector

It is always advisable to contact a plumber who specialises in gas services and find out what they can do if you suspect there is a gas leak in your home. Should you have a gas leak detector available to you, you may wish to walk around your home to see if you can detect a gas leak. Though it can vary, the majority of gas leak detectors work similarly to metal detectors and will beep when a gas leak is detected.

6. Clouds of dust from gas leak

Though you may not be able to see a gas leak, gas leaks can cause dust to move in unusual ways and can cause white misty clouds to appear. Should you notice unusual activity such as this around your gas appliances, it is a good indication that a gas pipe rupture has occurred and you should leave that area immediately.

7. Gas flame not normal

If your gas appliances are working, but have an unusual colour, such as a red or yellow flame, there may be something wrong with your gas pipes or appliances. If your gas flame is an unusual colour, however, it may just be because your gas burners need cleaning. An expert gas leak specialist will be able to advise you whether there is a problem with your appliance or your pipes, an expert should be contacted before you attempt to clean your burners to ensure the flame colour is not due to a pipe leak.

8. Soot or burn marks

If you notice a small pile of soot near or around a gas appliance, it may be because a gas leak is causing a small flame or burn when the appliance is turned on. If you notice burn marks or soot on or near a gas appliance, ensure you switch it off immediately.

9. Feeling unwell

If you begin to experience headaches, dizziness or nausea near a gas appliance, it could be that you are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning due to a gas leak. Should you begin to feel unwell in your home, and you suspect a gas leak is causing your symptoms, you should leave your home immediately and hire a gas plumber company.

What can you do next?

If you suspect a gas pipe is leaking underground, or you would like more information about recognising gas leaks, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. When it comes to gas leaks, there is no room for error so should you suspect a gas leak, contact Zabs Plumbing, as we can offer expert advice and guidance in rapid time.

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