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The Advantages of CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

The Advantages of CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

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Is there a blockage in your drain pipes? Are you hearing strange noises from your internal drains? Or, are you purchasing a new home and need the drainage system inspected before you make the deal?

This is when you may need a CCTV drain inspection completed from an experienced plumber.

Blocked drains are a major problem in Melbourne households. Common mistakes, such as flushing toiletries down the toilet and disposing grease in the sink, can clog the pipes and cause a disaster. According to a 2015 report, wet wipes are responsible for the increasing number of sewage overflows and environmental issues.

General plumbing services are not always effective, especially when you’re dealing with major drain blockages. That’s where CCTV drain cameras come in handy. Let’s see how they work and what gives them a competitive edge!

What Are CCTV Drain Cameras?

CCTV drain inspections involve the use of highly advanced closed-circuit television system that is used underground – in piping – to inspect the condition of drain pipes to assist with identifying any location or developing damage to a drainage system.

Sewer and drain inspection cameras are modern diagnostic tools used by plumbers. They allow for an accurate inspection of blocked toilet drains, stormwater drains, and other sewer pipe blockages.

CCTV drain cameras have several components, including a small camera head and reel, a CCD sensor, a radio transmitter, and adjustable bright lights. The cable reel can be up to 120 meters long, making it easier to detect the root cause of a drain blockage. The LED lights and camera lenses provide a wide, accurate image that is displayed on a digital colour screen. This allows drain camera plumbers to conduct detailed pipe inspections and the causes of blocked drains in less time.

The latest models are equipped with keyboards and have a run time of four to five hours per charge. Some feature SD cards, allowing drain plumbers to save the images and include them in their reports to the client. The cable reel is typically made of fibreglass for increased strength and durability.

The Benefits

CCTV drain cameras benefit both plumbers and homeowners. First of all, they eliminate the guesswork and make it possible to determine the root cause of drain blockages in less time compared to traditional plumbing inspections. Plumbers no longer have to rule out potential causes one by one.

The diagnosis isn’t just quick but accurate too. Experienced plumbers who use this technology are able to view the internal pipe structure and detect any problems in real-time. Furthermore, they can record the inspection process and show you exactly what went wrong. Since no excavation is required, there will be less dust and noise in your home.

Drain camera inspections will pinpoint the exact cause of the blocked plumbing system. The problems are identified, located, and solved quickly, which helps reduce costs and frees up your time. Plus, there’s no need to pay for expensive home repairs once the plumber’s work is done. This technology is fast, precise, and non-destructive.

These pipe inspection cameras provide a much clearer picture of what’s going on inside your drains. With this system, it takes just one person to detect the problem instead of a whole crew – like it happens with manual inspections.


Additionally, a CCTV drain camera can pinpoint smaller drain blockages that would otherwise go unnoticed. It may even identify signs of damage that could escalate and cause future problems.

Our drain plumbers in Melbourne are more likely to use this technology due to the high incidence of sewage overflows. By conducting a CCTV inspection, they will be able to give you a quick diagnosis and have the power to unclog blocked drains in no time. You’ll know right away whether the culprit is a broken pipe, a tree root, residue buildup, or rust.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Blocked pipes in your drain system can result in costly repairs if left unattended. If you notice bad odours, slow draining water, or unusual noises coming from your pipes, request for a drain inspection today or get in touch with us right away..

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