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How To Know When Your Sewer Drain Is Blocked
how to know sewer drain is blocked

How To Know When Your Sewer Drain Is Blocked

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A blocked sewer drain is one of those household problems that many of us are guilty of ignoring until it’s too late. Turning a blind eye to the warning signs of clogged sewer drains can lead to costly repairs that leave us wishing that we’d just addressed the problem sooner. Not only that, but leaving a blocked sewer pipe for too long can potentially expose your family to contaminated water.

So, avoid having to fork out your hard-earned dollars to address a big problem and keep your family and home safe with our tips on how to know when a drain is blocked.

1. Check for backed-up drains

When you walk into your bathroom, do you notice a strange smell and the sound of gurgling water? If the answer is yes, you may have a blocked sewer drain on your hands. Toilets, bathtubs, showers and sinks are all places that you need to check for slow-moving water, gurgling and bad smells that could be the warning signs to let you know that you’ve got a blockage in your sewer pipes. Don’t ignore these signs as this is your opportunity to prevent a costly problem from developing.

Your residential drain pipe system are designed to carry wastewater away and down to the main sewer line. If your sewer pipeline is blocked, this means that all your waste is just sitting in the pipes instead of being drained away. You definitely don’t want this problem in your home, so keep an eye on all your water fixtures and if you notice any starting to back up, call a drain cleaning plumber to have a look at it straight away.

2. Look out for drainage in your home’s sewer cleanout

First of all, what is a ‘sewer cleanout’ and how can you find yours? The sewer cleanout is usually located on the outside of your home and is the pipe that connects your house to the main sewer line. Plumbers will always locate this pipe when they suspect that your home has a blockage. If you notice that sewage is standing in, or draining out of your home’s sewer cleanout, this is a clear sign that you have a main sewer clog and need to consider hiring a plumber or a sewage pipe unblocker immediately to unblock a sewage drain.

3. Use your sense of smell

Let’s state the obvious for a second: sewage smells. Your nose is the best tool that you can use when trying to tell if your home has a blocked sewer drain. When wastewater and sewage are just sitting in your pipes with nowhere to escape, you and your family will very quickly start to notice (and start complaining about!) an unpleasant smell seeping into your home. This warning sign is very difficult to ignore, so make sure you get a plumber in straight away to inspect your pipes.

4. Check your floor drains

First comes the smell but very soon you’ll start to actually see sewage coming up from your home’s floor drains. Unfortunately, if your sewer pipeline is blocked, all of that waste has to come out somewhere!

5. Water is coming from strange places

When you flush your toilet, do you notice water bubbling out of the plughole in your bathtub? Or when you’re using your washing machine, does your toilet start to overflow? This is a major warning sign that your sewer pipeline is blocked. All of the wastewater that you’re producing when using these appliances has nowhere to go, so its only escape is to creep up through any hole available.

6. Check your toilet water level

If the water level in your toilet looks normal after you flush but is low when you go back to check an hour later, this could be a sign of slow-moving water and could indicate that there’s a blockage in your sewer pipeline that needs to be checked out by a plumber before it gets any worse.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of a blocked drain as this seemingly minor household problem can very quickly become a very big, expensive one if you don’t hire a plumber in to have a look as soon as possible. Call us at Zabs Plumbing today to see how we can help.

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