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How to Find a Good Local Plumber
looking for local plumber
  • April 17, 2021
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How to Find a Good Local Plumber

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Pipe problems or spouts and drains that just don’t work can make you feel like you’re living in purgatory, and in those situations, a good plumber can feel like an angel sent from above. The only problem? Finding the right one can be almost as exhausting as dealing with your leaky sink or your busted toilet in the first place, especially if you don’t have a clue where to start or what to do.

For people who are asking themselves these questions for the first time, people who have had bad experiences in the past, or those who just want a quick refresher, here are the most important steps you should take when tackling the seemingly daunting task of finding a good local plumber.

Identify What Plumbing You Need Fixed

Before you whip out your phone and start texting anyone you can think of, or frantically googling for the closest plumber, the first thing you should know and identify is exactly what your plumbing problem is. This is important because not every plumber or company may be able to help you, some only specialize in either installation, repair, or ongoing maintenance, or 2 of the 3 and don’t offer the other service. Keep this in mind and remember to always lay out your problem beforehand, be it over the phone, online, or even asking for a recommendation.

Having as detailed knowledge as you can about your issue can also save you from potential scams or being overcharged, especially when hiring an independent tradesman. Overall trying to learn what’s happening and what’s needed can save you a lot of time and money.

Ask close family and friends for a reliable plumber

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the fact that the best way to start your search is to simply ask around, and hope someone else has already done the hard work for you. Word of mouth is how Plumbers and almost every service kept their business before the rise of the internet, and don’t think its value has degraded (Although double-checking your neighbour Grace’s glowing recommendation wouldn’t hurt).

Another very important thing to consider when starting out is to take multiple opinions, as many as you can, don’t use the first handyman you hear of, and don’t blindly follow the judgement of just one person (Unless you really trust them). Once you’ve thoroughly pestered your friends and family and gotten your collection of business cards, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, you can start comparing them to figure out which is best for you.

Consider Using a Reputable Plumbing Service Company

When you think of a local company like a Dandenong plumber in Melbourne, the first thing to come to mind might be a slightly scruffy person with their number scrawled in a small box in the yellow pages, and that variety is certainly cheaper, but hiring an independent worker also comes with a lot of risks when compared to a recognized organization.

For one, companies are much easier to look up online, be it to find reviews, recommendations, or warnings. They also usually have workers available for every day of the week, and at almost any hour of the day or night, and are usually easier to get a hold of. Most importantly, companies tend to deliver much better service for the most part, and usually have higher quality equipment and materials at their disposal. Lastly, when hiring from an organization the worker you’re provided will be guaranteed to have all the proper qualifications, and guidelines to follow.

Of course, if you know of a brilliant independent plumber who’s worked for you or someone you know and trust beforehand, who you’re confident will always give great results, go for it! We aren’t discarding local tradesmen completely, and you shouldn’t either, we simply think starting with a semi-large company is much easier, although more expensive, for someone with no experience dealing with local plumbers.

Look Them Up Online

As we just implied, the internet is a godsend when it comes to choosing a plumber, or really any hired service nowadays. Reading people’s thoughts on all the companies you’ve found, as well as having more information on them and a more convenient contact method is undoubtedly useful. We wholeheartedly recommend at the very least going through this step before choosing someone to come to your home, even if it’s an emergency, that one-star review you see may just save you precious time and money.

Searching online is also a great way to start, almost as good as getting help from people you know when that’s not a possibility. Something as simple as searching Plumber Melbourne can give you a huge amount of results to start comparing to each other and researching. This gives you the added benefit of having all the information you need right away.

Be Preemptive

Though maybe understandably, many don’t even think about searching for a good plumber until it’s too late, their toilet is overflowing, their drains are blocked, their sink is completely clogged. People in these situations often panic, grab the yellow pages and call up the first plumber they see because there is simply no time to carefully follow the steps we’ve laid out here.

As we’ve stated, having a trustworthy plumber is extremely important, for your drain system, your wallet, and your peace of mind, and hiring someone you don’t know of can lead to your problem not being fixed properly, you being overcharged, or both. To avoid this potential disaster, we suggest not waiting for catastrophe to strike before you start your hunt for a plumber. Having someone you know is reliable ready to call at any time really lets you relax.

Final Thoughts

Searching for the perfect plumber sounds like it could be impossible unless you get lucky, but following the correct steps, and being as careful as possible when selecting one can make that dream a reality quicker and easier than you may think. As long as you remember to never go with the first plumber you find, compare your findings, and plan ahead of time, your next plumbing disaster will feel more like a slight inconvenience.

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