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Toilet Drain Noises – Signs You May Have a Plumbing Issue
strange drain noises from toilet

Toilet Drain Noises – Signs You May Have a Plumbing Issue

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Although strange noises from the toilet sounds like the start of a comic sketch, the reality is that gurgling, rattling or banging could indicate that there is a serious issue with your plumbing. Because of the toilet’s function, any impaired drainage or related issues have the potential to become a significant health hazard rapidly, as well as a major inconvenience. Here we take a look at the most common reasons your toilet is likely to be sounding odd, as well as some options for how best to resolve the problem.

Gurgling sound after the flush is pressed

If there is a gurgling noise that sounds as if it’s coming from the toilet bowl after the toilet is flushed, this could indicate a blockage in the sewage drain. If the cause is a blockage, you will frequently notice that the water level in the toilet rises alarmingly once the flush is pulled, then sinks rapidly back to normal, usually with a gurgle or glug, as the waste manages to overcome the obstacle.

Note that if the water level doesn’t sink back to normal, we suggest that you call out an blocked drains in Melbourne plumber¬†to have a look at the issue: if the toilet doesn’t empty it suggests that the blockage has complete occluded (blocked off) the waste drain. This means that any further attempts to flush the toilet will lead to the water (and contents), over flowing the top of the bowl. The toilet cannot be used until the blockage has been removed.

What might cause a sewage drain blockage?

There are a number of common culprits that frequently lead to drain blockage and mean that you might need toilet plumbing. The main causes are:

  • a tree root that has grown through a crack in the pipe. As time goes by, the tree root grows larger, gradually blocking the pipe. Note this can happen even if the tree appears to be some distance from your property!
  • a grease ball has built up! If grease is tipped down sinks or drains, it tends to accumulate where there is a bend or other pipe irregularity which causes a temporary slowing of flow. We strongly recommend that grease isn’t disposed of down the drain.
  • a foreign object. Households with children are particularly prone to having strange objects flushed down the toilet! Unfortunately, toys or similar are a common cause of drain blockage.
  • a pipe rupture. Over time, drainage pipes can become cracked or even fracture completely. This could be the cause of the blockage.

For all these scenarios, a skilled plumber is needed to carry out some expert drain cleaning.

That hammering sound in the pipes

If you notice a hammering or banging in the pipes near the toilet, this usually indicates some sort of inconsistency in water flow. This may be due to a fault with the toilet’s plumbing, or be indicative of a blockage or irregularity elsewhere in the pipework (it may even be the hot water pipework), which can be heard particularly clearly from the toilet’s location. It’s important that the cause of irregular water flow is diagnosed accurately, so that the right repairs can be carried out.

The sound of running water

Can you hear the sound of running water coming from your toilet? It normally means there’s a problem with the cistern, which means the water inlet isn’t shutting off when the cistern is full. In major cases this can cause significant overflow; in minor cases, there may be water continuing to drip into the toilet bowl, or water extruding from the overflow pipe on the exterior wall. The issue is usually due to a problem with one of the valves in the cistern, which can become blocked or ineffective over time.

If you hear strange noises coming from your toilet, it’s important to get the issue checked out. Even if the issue doesn’t appear major initially, it’s rare that a blockage, flow problem or failing valve will fix itself. Almost invariably, the problem gets worse the longer it’s left. To minimise the risk of total plumbing failure, or, conversely, an unwanted flood, we suggest seeking expert plumbing assistance at the earliest opportunity. An experienced plumber will be able to quickly diagnose what the problem is, as well as come up with a fast, effective solution.

Call an experienced plumber

Are you experiencing issues with your toilet gurgling? Or experiencing signs of blocked drains at your home or office? It would be best to give the plumbing professionals at Zabs Plumbing a call on 0448 177 762 to book an appointment with our emergency plumber in Melbourne team to fix your drainage problem.

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