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Why You Should Never Solve a Plumbing Problem Yourself
diy plumbing approach

Why You Should Never Solve a Plumbing Problem Yourself

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Because of the global pandemic, it has been common for most homeowners to try and take a DIY approach rather than to call professionals when solving common house problems — like their plumbing.

While we can’t blame you for trying all those TikTok hacks, it’s still best to let the pros handle the issue. Here’s why.

Incorrect diagnosis

Professionals have handled hundreds of plumbing issues so that they will know how to properly diagnose a plumbing problem. To give you an idea, let’s look at a clogged drain.

In a DIY situation, a typical homeowner will buy a drain cleaner or maybe take a step further and invest in a plumber’s snake or a drain snake. The solution would be to remove the obstruction and wait for the water to go down the drain and call it a day.

However, a professional would have checked for more pressing issues within your plumbing system. As soon as the water goes down, a plumber will check for foul odour and check other drains in your house.

The last thing a plumber wants is to solve issues at a surface level and proper diagnosis can prevent that from happening.

Knowing if the issue spreads to other drainages will let the plumber know how much of the plumbing system is affected. This can cause water leaks and pose more problems in the future.

Here are a few things plumbers look for when checking for water leaks at home.

  • Warped wallpapers, damaged paint, and stains on the walls
  • Development of moss and mildew in areas where there is no water or moisture
  • Damp areas and wet floors.
  • Bad odour that smells like sewage
  • Stains on the ceiling
  • A running water meter, even when all faucets and outlets are closed

In addition, a professional plumber Melbourne might ask you to observe your water bills in the coming months as it will be an indication if the issue you experienced has caused water leaks in your plumbing system.

Improper tools

Not only do professional plumbers come with the skills, knowledge, and experience to fix your plumbing system, but they are also equipped with the proper tools to ensure that they offer a lasting fix.

Things like a blowlamp or an adjustable pipe wrench, a pipe bender and a telescopic tube cutter, or in some cases, a CCTV camera or a thermal scanner. These things allow them to accurately detect leaks and address them accordingly — all without causing unnecessary damage to your property.

New technology in the plumbing industry has drastically changed how these professionals check and fix plumbing issues. While conventional plumbing practices may have boring holes in your floor or on the earth of your lawn, modern plumbing equipment can help them precisely put a finger on where the leak might be.

Fixing plumbing issues at home is no longer guesswork but more of a calculated application of tried and tested solutions.

In a DIY scenario, most homeowners will make do with what they have. Unfortunately, this does more harm than good. Loosening screws and bolts using improper tools can damage the threads and cause irreversible damage.

Likewise, using makeshift sealants can also affect the overall integrity of your overall piping system.

Spending unnecessarily

Your senses will tell you to be prepared when taking the DIY route. In doing so, you will buy plumbing items — often the budget-friendly kind — like chemical solutions, pipe augers, wrenches, faucet keys, pipe expanders and fittings, crimpers, as well as gloves and goggles.

After spending a lot to make sure you’re all equipped, you now face the inevitable stage of trial and error. You sure can watch plenty of YouTube videos and read lots of blogs online but nothing can prepare you for the real thing.

At this stage, some mistakes can cost you. And sometimes, the cost can be on the expensive side.

Compare this scenario to when you simply hired a professional plumber. Not only does asking a pro to do it for you will save you time but it can also save your pocket in the long run. The fix they offer, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is typically the lasting kind. And because they are experienced in what they do, fixing a plumbing issue that takes you hours will be turned into minutes.


That said, it’s best to contact plumbing experts to help you with plumbing issues.

Things like fast fixes, lasting solutions, and non-destructive means of leak detection are just some of the advantages of hiring an expert.

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