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Why Hot Water Systems Must Be Repaired and Serviced by Experts

Why Hot Water Systems Must Be Repaired and Serviced by Experts

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Hot water is precious in our homes. If your water or gas hot water system is faulty you may consider servicing and repairing it yourself. Your goal might be to save money on hiring a plumber or having the simple satisfaction of knowing you completed your own project.

Many people are confident in fixing things around their homes, but hot water plumbing projects are one job you should not do yourself. There are many reasons for this, which we will share in this article.

Zabs are reliable and honest hot water plumbers in Melbourne. We service and repair a wide range of hot water systems, and we are respected by our customers. Please call us any time of day or night, or read further to learn why you need experts for your hot water system.

DIY plumbing is illegal in Melbourne

Any person completing plumbing work in Melbourne needs to be a licensed and registered plumber. The Victorian Building Authority says ‘Make sure you engage a licensed or registered practitioner when you want plumbing work carried out.’ This is to protect your own health and safety.

Plumbing is dangerous work, not a DIY project. Even experienced tradesmen who are not plumbers will call professionals for their own hot water plumbing repairs. Some jobs are best left to the experts.

The correct equipment is expensive

Home owners may consider completing plumbing work themselves, because they want to save money. Repairing, installing and servicing hot water systems, requires specialist plumbing tools. Plumbers have already invested in these tools, and purchasing these yourself will be expensive.

Plumbers understand spare parts

An experienced plumber is knowledgeable about spare parts. They can tell when a part of a hot water system is getting old and needs replacing. Our plumbers at Zabs Plumbing are experienced with a wide range of hot water systems, and the different parts that are used in each one. Ordering, purchasing and replacing parts is much easier when you’re an expert plumber.

DIY jobs can cause water damage

Everybody wants hot water in their home, but nobody wants water damage. Attempting to fix your own hot water system, could create further problems. Systems that are not properly installed, could cause water to leak within your building, causing dampness and irreparable damage.

Hot water systems are dangerous

Hot water systems can use water, electricity and gas. These three substances are very dangerous, especially when mixed together. Gas leaks can go undetected, and working with electricity can be fatal. If you have problems with your hot water system, you may need an electrician and a plumber.

Your manufacturer’s warranty requires an expert plumber

Take a look at the warranty for your hot water system. The fine print will most certainly say it needs to be repaired and serviced by a licensed plumber. If you are trying to save money by undertaking these jobs yourself, consider the expense if your warranty is voided.

Call a professional hot water plumber in Melbourne

Calling a registered and licensed hot water plumber will give you peace of mind. Your hot water system will function correctly and safely, and you may even save money compared with managing the job yourself. You may find other DIY projects around your home, but leaving plumbing work to the experts, is always the best option.

Talk to the professionals at Zabs Hot Water Plumbing, about hot water system repairs – even emergency repairs. We can also service your system as a once-off job, or on a routine basis. We are experienced with a wide range of hot water systems, and provide both residential and commercial plumbing services.

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