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What To Do If You Have A Burst Water Pipe
have a burst water pipe
  • December 15, 2020
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What To Do If You Have A Burst Water Pipe

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Having a burst water pipe can be extremely stressful. It’s one of those problems that everyone is likely to face at some point in their lives. Whether you are there when it first occurs, or come home from a busy day to find your place flooded, it can leave a sinking feeling in your stomach. A burst water pipe can occur for a number of reasons, from existing flaws in the pipes to overall deterioration over the years.

First thing is first, you need to remain calm. Stressing won’t help you solve the problem and will actually lead to further damage. If you do come across a burst water pipe, here are some steps you can take to fix it and get your property back to normal.

Quickly assess the situation

Whether the water pipes just burst in front of you, or started while you were out, it’s important to pause for a few seconds to see what is happening. See if you can look to where the leak is coming from – being able to locate it quickly will save both you and the plumber time fixing it. If you are unable to see where it is coming from, don’t stress. A trained professional will be able to help you out.

Turn off electricity

It’s no secret that water and electricity don’t mix, so make sure you turn off all electrical devices near the site.

Turn off the water

The next thing to do is locate your main water supply and switch it off. No water, no damage from the burst water pipe. It’s simple as that. For many households, the main switch will be near the water meter, but this could be different in your home. If you don’t know where yours is, now is a great time to go and check it out, before you find yourself in an emergency. Make sure everyone in the house knows where it is located. By turning it off, once the pipes have emptied out there should be no more water coming from the burst pipe.

Call a Plumber

Unless you have plenty of experience with hot water pipes, then your first port of call should be on the phone to a local plumber as soon as you can. Tell them you need their help as soon as possible and explain the situation.

Drain remaining water from pipes

While you are waiting for the plumber to arrive, it can help to drain all the water remaining inside your pipes. Turn off your hot water first, then turn on the hot water taps. This will clear out all the water so the plumber can get to work.

Wait for the plumber

Now is the time to wait it out until the professional arrives. If you want to have a go at fixing it yourself, then first go back and assess the damage, while there is no water running. Take a look at the spot where you think the leak was coming from and see what the damage is. If it is just a small crack, you could do this on your own. You can fill it with pipe sealant from your nearby hardware store. For larger repairs, you want to make sure a plumber is on their way. They will be able to get the job done quickly, making sure everything is fixed properly.

Damage control

Now that the pipe is being fixed, you can turn your focus to the damage on your property. Depending on how long the pipe was spraying water before you noticed it, you could be facing fairly large damage. It’s important to try and get rid of the water as soon as possible. By getting it dry quickly, you will prevent further long-term water damage that could otherwise take place. You may want to consider calling in a liquid waste disposal professional to help with this task.

Time to dry

Finally, you want to remove any moisture from your walls, carpets and ceilings. If moisture remains, it can settle in and cause mould and other issues over time. Depending how deep the damage goes, you may need to once again call in the professionals. They can ensure every area of your home is completely dry and free from moisture.

Solving A Burst Water Pipe

If you find yourself in ‘deep water’ then call the emergency plumber team at Zabs Plumbing. We can help with all water pipe issues, and will be there as soon as possible to prevent the long-lasting damage to your home. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call next time you run into a problem.

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