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Water Pipe Leak Detection

Emergency Leak Detection Service Melbourne

An undetected water leak can be a dangerous and expensive problem if it isn’t found quickly and repaired. Aside from the noticeable increase in your water bill, there’s also hidden dangers associated with water leaking into the foundations of buildings and structures. Hidden water leaks cause a whole lot of structural damage and even illness if left to spread and soak into your walls, floors and ceilings. Water weakens wood, causes toxic mould to grow, short circuits electrical units and can even cause electrical fires.

If you are a homeowner or commercial property owner and suspect you have a water leak, then you need a water pipe leak detection specialist like Zabs Plumbing before a small problem becomes a money guzzling crisis.

Our qualified plumbers can locate and repair hidden leaks without the use of invasive methods which can damage walls and floors. Our professional and friendly team locate the leak and fix it on the spot using advanced methods, and the latest hi tech equipment in the industry.

If you suspect a water leak at your property, then don’t wait another minute to call us at Zabs Plumbing. Let the experts find it fast, and save time, money and water.

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    • How Zabs Can Help You?

      Our leak detection service have been finding and repairing hidden leaks without damaging walls and floors, for more than 18 years. Family owned and operated, our professional and friendly team locate the leak and fix it, using advanced training methods, and the latest hi tech equipment in the industry.

      We are renowned for our high level of workmanship, our excellent customer service history, and we offer same day service in emergency situations. We eliminate hidden costs by having upfront fees and we gain your approval before any work goes ahead.

      Not only can we find and fix your leak, but we will also establish the underlying cause of the problem, to stop it from happening in the future. Contact Zabs Plumbing today and stop leaking water from costing you thousands.

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    • How Water Leak Detection Can Save Your Property

      Water leaks are often not discovered until they’ve caused significant damage to your property including the foundations. Water seeps into cracks and under floors, weakening wood and causing toxic mould to grow. Sometimes the leak can originate under your concrete slabs causing cracks and can even cause walls and ceilings to collapse depending on the severity.

      To maintain the structural integrity of your home or building it is important to find any water leaks fast. The price of fixing your pipes is a lot lower than replacing your entire floor, so don’t leave it to chance and get a professional on site as soon as you can. With quality service and regular check ups you can avoid major damage and save money at the same time.


    • Why Call A Leak Detection Expert

      Water leaks are almost impossible to find, unless you are a leak detection expert and have the right equipment. With regular inspections and servicing you won’t be faced with higher-than-normal water bills, and you eliminate the risk of severe damage to your home or business. Leaking pipes not only cost money to repair but is also a huge and unnecessary waste of water.

      If you suspect that your property has a leak or need the peace of mind that it doesn’t, calling one of our licensed professionals is the best solution. Our dedicated team will take the stress away and work around your schedule to locate and repair all water leaks, before you’re flooded with problems.