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When it comes to a hot shower, you’d always want to have the right water pressure and temperature after a long day. Zabs Plumbing is here for all your shower plumbing needs from leaking shower heads and taps to clogged water pipes.

Showers need to be at their finest of conditions all year round. Having a leak in the shower or a blocked shower drain can cause a build up of water which is an inconvenience to homeowners. Get your shower fixed the right way by our friendly team of qualified plumbers. From looking at clogged drains to adjusting water pressure, we have it covered.

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    • Install, Repair and Replace Shower

      Our shower plumbing experts can check what problems are causing your shower to lose water pressure or what is causing a leak. We will look at inspecting all areas of your shower and inform you of the best possible solution to fix a leak or clogged drains. A common problem with showers is the water pressure. This is usually due to the shower head’s filter which may be full of debris. We will have our plumbers clean out any shower head and will even have it replaced for you.

      Our shower plumbing services will help with:

      Shower installation and replacement: our plumbers will provide you with the best solution to replace your shower options

      Tap plumbing and fixtures: we will service any faulty taps along with repairing or replacing leaking taps

      Cleaning shower heads: we will make sure that the water is running smoothly throughout your shower head ensuring the full capability of water pressure is returned

      When it comes to our shower plumbing services our staff will have all the necessary equipment and parts to complete your shower problems on the spot.

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