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Leaking Water Pipes Service

Do You Have a Burst or Leaking Water Pipe?

Dealing with leaking water pipes are every homeowner and business owner’s worst nightmare, the damage that can be done can lead to extensive repairs and huge bills to cover. Whether you’re a new or existing homeowner or a commercial property owner, you are at the risk of facing bursting and leaking water pipes. At Zabs Plumber Melbourne, we have all the knowledge and expertise in fixing bursts and leaking water pipes for over 20 years.

The damage can be extensive if left untreated for too long and should be dealt quickly, but don’t try to repair those pipes yourself! Due to the dangers involved in water pipe repairs, it is always best to call in a professional as soon as you notice or suspect there might be an issue with your pipes.

Don’t leave it to just any plumber to fix your pipes, call in the leak detection service experts to get them repaired today.

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    • Why Choose Zabs for Your Water Pipe Services?

      Zabs are the experts in leaking pipes and have been servicing residential and commercial sites for decades. Any undetected leaks that could cause long-term damage will be investigated and repaired before it becomes a costly issue. You can have complete peace of mind with scheduled inspections to maintain the longevity of your pipes, and to prevent future leaks and cracks from occurring.

      We are a team of licensed professionals who specialise in detecting and repairing leaking pipes before they become an expensive problem. Our team of experienced trained plumbing technicians can detect all sorts of leaks using the best industry-standard equipment and technology available.

      Our aim is to quickly attend to the problem whilst leaving no property damage, keeping your costs to a minimum, and delivering the best possible plumbing services to you.

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    • Leaking Pipe Repairs We Cover

      If a pipe bursts, you need the right help and the right set of knowledge and skills. Our specialised and friendly team offer a range of services that include:

      • Fixing burst water pipes
      • Installation of appropriate pressure valves
      • Detecting and locating burst pipes under concrete slabs and inside wall cavities
      • Cold water pipe installation and repair
      • Routine pipe inspections
      • Home and commercial property pipe maintenance
      • 24/7 experienced advice and attendance
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      Zabs qualified plumber service understand the importance of fixing leaking pipes and aim to fix your problem as quickly and professionally as possible. We can give you a I00% satisfaction guarantee that the job gets done right the first time! Ignoring the problem won’t fix anything, but we can fix your leaking pipes with precision and a high level of workmanship.

      Give our friendly team a call today or book us online. Your satisfaction is our priority.