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How To Fix a Running Toilet?

How To Fix a Running Toilet?

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One major issue with many households is a clogged or blocked toilet. However, a running toilet can be an even bigger issue. Even a slow trickle from a running toilet may be exceedingly inconvenient. At night, when everyone is sleeping, and your house is silent, even a light drip from a running toilet can be troublesome. If you ignore it, it might become a severe problem needing expensive repairs.

Not only the loud noise and expensive maintenance may be a concern. Additionally, it results in unnecessary water waste and raises your water bill. Therefore, it has to be rectified even if there is just a sluggish trickle of water. You can call a toilet plumber and fix your running toilet before it becomes a major disaster. However, it’s also something you may be able to fix yourself if you like to DIY.

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How Can You Easily Fix a Running Toilet Yourself?

So, how to fix a running toilet? Nobody wants to deal with a running toilet at all. This issue can waste a lot of water. Moreover, it can easily double your water bill. Additionally, that trickle will undoubtedly start to bother you. Repairing a running toilet should be a top priority, and you can do it yourself. Here are a few quick fixes for a running toilet:

Check the Flapper

You must put it to the test to ascertain if the flapper is the problem. If you hear the water running unnecessarily, use a stick to press down on the toilet flapper. The flapper isn’t properly sealing if you hear the water stop flowing. Simply changing the flapper could solve your running toilet issue.

Check the Fill Valve

Fill valves may also degrade with time. The valve may randomly open due to dirt, debris, or mineral scale deposition, causing the toilet to run only sometimes. Purging the valve is one easy solution for this issue.

Remove your tank’s lid and flush your toilet to check whether your fill valve is operating properly. Check the valve to see if any area is leaking water. Lift the arm connected to your float while the tank is filling if you can’t detect any obvious leaks. Water should stop flowing. If it doesn’t, the fill valve usually has a leak hidden lower down.

Check the Float

According to every blocked toilet plumber, water may pour into your toilet if your float ball is broken or the height needs to be changed. Your tank’s water level may be too high if your float isn’t adequately set. When the water level gets higher than usual, it may leak into your overflow tube from the top tank.

Your overflow tube pours water into the toilet bowl. This stops the tank from overflowing. As a result, the water will keep flowing into the bowl via the tube. Additionally, your toilet will continue to add water in an effort to maintain that excessive water level. So, you can adjust the float level height to fix your running toilet.

How To Fix A Running Toilet?

The fill valve, float, and flapper are all typical culprits in running toilets. Luckily, all of them can be tested quickly and replaced if necessary. You could tweak the float slightly, or your flapper or fill valve may need to be completely replaced.

Pay close attention to the little things while fixing your toilet. Your toilet may have issues due to minor variations in a new replacement component or an incorrect float level. You can call any toilet plumber to fix your running toilet. However, if you have the DIY spirit, you can easily fix the issues yourself. The guidelines above can help fix the issues, and you can adjust the float level height to stop any overflow problems.

If you are still having problems with your toilet running, give our team a call on 0448 177 762 for the best advice. We are the experts in toilet plumbing and have over 18 years of experience servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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