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How Does Hot Water Plumbing Work?
how does hot water plumbing work

How Does Hot Water Plumbing Work?

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Most people don’t know how hot water systems work or why their gas water heating is not working. Their only knowledge of hot water is turning on the tap! When the right amount comes out, at the right temperature, everything is perfect.

How Does a Hot Water Tank Work?

You may actually be interested in how hot water plumbing works. People often question this when they are purchasing a new system, or building a new house. The question also comes up when there are problems, as people may want to fix the system themselves.

We are plumbers in Melbourne, providing services for hot water systems. In this plumbing guide, we will explain briefly how they work. We can also repair your existing system, or install a new system.

As experienced and knowledgeable tradesmen, we can educate our clients about their gas water heater repair. We can help you choose a new system if required, and provide reliable advice on repairing and servicing your hot water plumbing.

Types of hot water systems

There are two types of hot water systems – storage systems, and continuous flow. In storage systems, water is heated and stored in a tank, ready for use. Continuous flow systems heat water as it is required. Although there are electronic systems available, most continuous hot water systems are gas.

Electric systems

Hot water that is powered by electricity utilises a heating element. In storage systems, this is located at the bottom of the tank. In continuous flow systems, a burner is used to heat the water everytime it is needed.

Gas hot water

Zabs Plumbing provides gas fitting services. Tradesmen working with gas in Melbourne, are required to be licensed and registered by law. This includes installing and servicing gas hot water systems.

Gas systems use a gas burner, that either continuously heats the water in a tank, or provides it on demand. Gas hot water is a favourite of residents in Melbourne, a city that is known for its constant changes in weather. On a cold and windy day, you will want to come home to gas.

Solar power

Solar powered hot water systems use the sun’s energy to heat the water. Although there are higher upfront costs for installing such a system, the benefits are reduced power bills. Solar power is great for the environment and an investment for the future.

Heat pump water heaters

Heat pump water systems can be extremely efficient. They use a fan to draw hot air into the system. Although they rely on electricity, little energy is used. They are however, only beneficial in hot environments. For this reason, heat pump hot water is not as popular in a cold city like Melbourne.

When to call a plumber?

Unfortunately, hot water systems do not make good DIY projects. You will need to call a registered and licensed plumber, like our team at Zabs Plumbing. This is required by law, but you will be glad that you made this choice. Partnering with a professional plumber will save you time, stress, and money.

As experienced and knowledgeable hot water plumbers, we can help you learn about your hot water system, and ensure the best decisions are made. This includes purchasing a brand new system. If your hot water plumbing is faulty, installing a new hot water system could be the smartest and cheapest option.

If your hot water is stopping you from living your life, or running your business, please call us now. Zabs Plumbing is available in all suburbs of Melbourne.

We are emergency hot water plumbers, and ready to help. Call us now on 0448 177 762, at any time of the day or night.

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