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Here’s Why You Should Never DIY A Gas Plumbing Problem
diy gas plumbing problem

Here’s Why You Should Never DIY A Gas Plumbing Problem

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We have all been tempted at one time or another to attempt a DIY fix it job at home. 9 out of 10 times this is a harmless venture into the fix-it world, that more often than not still requires us to call a professional in to come and fix our mistakes. But there is also that small percent of time that taking on a DIY job could be extremely dangerous, putting your safety and the safety of others at risk. Here’s why you should never DIY a gas plumbing problem.

Facing A Gas Leak

If you have appliances in your home that use gas, then chances are you may encounter a leak from time to time. While this may seem like a harmless problem to have, it can actually cause two major problems if it isn’t handled correctly:

  • Explosion: yes, you read that right. Gas leaks can lead to explosions. When natural gas leaks out from one of your broken appliances, it is very flammable. While you may think this is easy to handle – just make sure everything is turned off and there is no flame around? But sparks are enough to cause a fire or explosion on their own, and unless you are trained, you have no way of controlling this situation.
  • Carbon monoxide: an additional threat is posed through potential carbon monoxide being released. This is an odorless gas which is hard to detect and can leave you with a number of health problems, such as headaches, nausea and more. Once again, unless you are trained to detect these issues and fix them, you are turning a problem into a very dangerous one.

Fixing Your Leak

If you suspect you have a gas leak, the first thing you need to do is call your local plumber. Here at Zabs Plumbing, we are trained and experienced in all plumbing matters and will be sure to get your gas leak fix safely and quickly.

While you are waiting on the plumber, it’s important to assess the situation:

  • If there are any notable sparks, then evacuate the building and make sure everyone is out.
  • Likewise, if you smell or suspect gas is leaking into the home, evacuate everyone and leave all the windows and doors open.
  • Turn off your gas at the meter. It is also a good idea to turn your electricity off as well to limit the risk of loose sparks causing an explosion.
  • Sit and wait patiently for your plumber to arrive.

Avoiding Gas Leaks

Thankfully, modern technology is improving each and every day, and with it modern appliances are making your home safer and safer. Gas leaks are far less common than they used to be thanks to this. But your appliances do need regular maintenance to ensure they are working the way they should. Here are some of the early signs to look out for when:

  • Fluctuating flames, growing and shrinking on your stove top.
  • Running out of gas.
  • Faint smell of gas.
  • An increase in your gas bill.

If you notice any of these issues, then it is best to call the experts at Zabs Plumbing before a small issue becomes a much bigger, dangerous issue. Gas leaks require precision when it comes to fixing them, and plumbers have undergone years of training to ensure they can carry out the job both safely and precisely. The smallest error could have a ripple effect, which is why these problems are best left to the experts.

Think About The Costs

At the end of the day, DIY is never a great solution when it comes to plumbing problems – safe or not. Trying to repair something on your own requires the right set of tools and skills, which its unlikely you have. Instead, you will make a problem even worse in the process, and what was meant to save you money, has ended up costing you far more to fix.

While it may seem like a good idea to begin with, think before you act. Plumbers have years of training, certification and experience behind them to complete these jobs. Some things are just best left to the experts. If you suspect a gas problem give Zabs Plumbing a call today.

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