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In the last 18 years we have come across all types of damaged drains, broken sewer pipes, burst water pipes, stormwater drains, and any other related blocked drains needing repair. If you have noticed a wet patch on your front or back lawn it’s most likely a damaged drainpipe or a blocked stormwater drain. To prevent even further damage it’s best to call a sewer repair plumber Melbourne today.

Zabs plumbers take the time to diagnose the problem at your home by doing an inspection of your complete drainage system. Usually, this can be coordinated using one of our CCTV camera systems which we send down your drain pipes for further investigations. Once we have identified the cause for your damaged drain or sewer pipes we will advise best plan and solution to repair the problem.

Drain Repairs to All Damaged Pipes

Your drainage system can easily become blocked up from a range of regular items. This may include items such as grease, hair, soap, dirt, food particles, or build-up of fat deposits. Amongst these can be tree roots and branches which can also cause blocked drains which will require immediate pipe repair to prevent any further damage.

We understand how important it is to have these repairs fixed right away, whether it is at your home or office, we aim to be there on the same day within our Melbourne service areas.

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    Drain Repairs Plumbing FAQS

    When it comes to drain repairs at your home or office, there are a number of factors that will affect the cost of drain replacement. It is almost impossible to provide the exact cost. Whether it’d be replacing small sections of drain pipes to replacing the complete stormwater or sewer system, it’s best we take a look into what needs repairing for exact costing.

    There are a number of different reasons that can cause a crack inside your drainage pipes or broken sewer pipe lines, they can be heavy duty debris or other environmental influences.

    Some other factors that can cause broken drain pipes are:

    • Age, rotten pipes, dirt and simple breakage over time.
    • Tree roots and branches tend to force their way through little cracks inside your pipes which become larger over time.