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Can a Plumber Fix Blocked Drains?

Can a Plumber Fix Blocked Drains?

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Do you need to know how to clear blocked water pipes, or unblock a sewage drain? You may be wondering if you should call a blocked drains plumber, or try to complete the job yourself.

A blocked drain plumber can fix your drains, and in some circumstances you will need to call one. You can however, try fixing the drain yourself first. You may solve the problem in a couple of minutes, without the need for calling in a professional.

The Causes of Blocked Drains

The signs of a blocked drain are usually obvious. The water doesn’t disappear down the drain as quickly as usual. It may not disappear at all. If your sewage system is blocked, your toilet water will not flush. Instead it will slowly rise to the top of the rim.

This is why nobody wants a drain blockage, and why an immediate solution (like calling a plumber) is so important. A house will become unhygienic when sewage and dirty drain water soils carpets and walls. Yuck. What a mess!

Understanding what causes a blocked drain, is the first step in determining the right solution. Toilets usually become clogged after baby wipes or paper towels have been mistakenly flushed. Pets and children may drop small toys or objects into a toilet bowl, without knowing the consequences of their actions.

Showers usually become clogged with soap scum and hair, and kitchen sink blockages are usually from cooking oil and food scraps. In the outdoors, leaves and dirt can become trapped in exterior drains.

Blocked Drains DIY Solutions

There are several ways to remove a drain obstruction yourself. Many people in Melbourne will look for blocked drain solutions like a powerful drain cleaner,  but you may have everything you need at home already.

If you only have a small blockage, try pouring boiling water down your drain. A mixture of bicarb and vinegar can be added to this water. For problems in the kitchen, place a bucket underneath the u-bend before unscrewing it. You may be able to clean out the u-bend yourself for instant results.

Solutions For Fixing Blocked Drains

A trusty plunger is a must-have tool for every workplace and home. This may help you unclog your own drain, but if it doesn’t work a plumber may have better tools for the job.

This is one of the reasons why calling a professional can be a good idea. Plumbers have the equipment to get the job done fast. Calling a plumber can be cheaper than buying your own specialist tools!

Plumbers use drain snakes to fix blocked drains, and also CCTV cameras which is the latest technology used by tradesmen. These tools are essential for complex and specialist drain projects.

Prevention of Blocked is best

Educate everyone in your home with tips for preventing blocked drains. When everybody has awareness, emergencies are less likely. Talk to adults and children in your family about items that can be safely flushed down a toilet, or washed down the plughole.

When to hire a drain plumbers?

When searching for the best plumber in Melbourne, try looking for one in your local area. You could search for a plumber in south east Melbourne or in Melbourne’s CBD. Plumbers can fix blocked drains, and they can solve your problem quickly – before water damage or unsanitary living conditions occur.

Fix your blocked drains today with a fast and responsive service, exceptional customer service and impressive results. The team at Zabs are extremely experienced and take pride in their trade and workmanship. If you need a blocked drains plumber, you can always rely Zabs.

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